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What is Axe Throwing?


The Best Axe Throwing in Columbus!

Want to Learn More?

1I’ve never heard of Axe Throwing. What is it?
Typically an event held in most lumberjack competitions, axe throwing, or hatchet ax throwing, is a sport in which the player literally throws an axe at a target hoping to hit as closely to the center bullseye as possible. An axe throwing session usually takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, and the axe throwing bar supplies everything you need. Axe throwing is so much fun in groups, and is a perfect activity for a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, or an office holiday party. However, many people take this sport much more seriously than just the occasional office get together. Competitive axe throwing is becoming more widespread and has been featured on sports channels and large fitness events.
2Wow, that’s cool! But is Axe Throwing safe?
At Throw Nation, axe throwing in Columbus couldn’t be more safe. As a part of your urban axe throwing experience, our team of AXEperts will walk you through where to stand, how to throw, the rules of indoor axe throwing, and where to be so as to not get in the way of your groups’ throwing. Our AXEperts will also be present during all of your games to monitor and correct as needed. Urban axe throwing continues to become more and more popular, and more and more education on the sport is available, providing you with a very safe and incredibly fun experience.
3What is the history of Axe Throwing?
In folklore, stone axes were believed to guard buildings against thunderstorms, and it was rumored that throwing an axe could protect against a hailstorm. Many types of axes are also present in Viking history and folklore. Native Americans created the tomahawk, mainly used in face to face battle, however, and not thrown. In the early days of America, settlers began setting up tournaments during which people would gather to trade as well as compete in throwing their axes at targets. Thankfully, now, you don’t have to be a settler in the wilderness to take part in this fun sport. A combination of bowling and darts, modern axe throwing has quickly gained momentum in Canada over the last 10 years, growing in both popularity and reach, spreading into the United States. However, even though competitive ax throwing is becoming more popular, it still remains a rather niche sport.
4What kinds of axes are used at an Axe Throwing Bar?
Before you get your group together for a fun night of hatchet axe throwing, you might want to brush up on some axe knowledge so you know exactly what you’re doing. First, there are many different types of axes, but only two are typically used for axe throwing: hatchets and tomahawks. Hatchets are made to cut through small obstacles in the woods like trees and other brush. Because they are lightweight and easy to throw, hatchets are the most commonly used axe in urban axe throwing establishments. Tomahawks were created by the Native Americans for battle, and are thinner and more lightweight than a hatchet. While tomahawks are sometimes used for axe throwing, hatchets are still the most commonly used axe in throwing bars and throwing leagues.
5How do I throw a hatchet axe?
Before any throwing takes place, it’s important to know that the main parts of the axe are the head and the handle. The head features the blade, while the handle, obviously, is the part of the axe you hold. The head of the axe consists of the blade/cutting edge and the butt. The cutting edge is the part of the axe that will stick into your target. To properly throw, your grip should be tight with one hand and you should stand with your dominant foot forward. Our experts at Throw Nation will help you with your stance, personally, to help you safely and effectively throw your axe. To throw, bring the axe over your head and, while moving your arm forward quickly, release the axe toward the target. Be sure to follow through with your arm motion even after you’ve released the axe. Bullseye!
6Ok, I’m starting to really enjoy this. Is there an Axe Throwing league I can join?
Axe throwing leagues are becoming very popular and there are certainly some you can join! The World Axe Throwing League, or WATL, has been featured on ESPN and is the largest professional axe throwing organization in the world. There are also plenty of annual competitive axe throwing events in which you can take part. The Columbus, Ohio axe throwing community offers several events including the famous Arnold Classic!
7What is a Throw Bar?
A throw bar is a new concept. Throw Nation in Dublin is actually the first one in the country! It's just like it sounds- a bar where you can THROW things! We have football bowling other wise known as fowling, or try something even crazier by hurling baseballs at beer bottles, and much more! Plus we have many axe throwing ranges as we are a Columbus favorite!! Who doesn't love an AXEciting indoor urban axe throwing space complete with a full bar!? At Throw Nation you can order food and treat yourself to our bar with plenty of beer and cocktails to keep your party going. Throw Nation's throw bar in Columbus is a great way to destress, unwind, and even get a great workout. Win win!
8I don’t know if axe throwing is my thing. If I come to Throw Nation, is there something else for me to do?
Of course! In addition to our axe bar, Throw Nation offers the games Football Bowling, Balls In A China Shop, and much more!. There’s something for every member of your party.
9What is Football Bowling?
Football Bowling, or Fowling, is a hybrid sport that combines American football and bowling. Set up in a similar fashion as horsehoes or cornhole, Fowling is typically a tailgate pastime. During a game, each team has the goal of knocking down the other teams’ pins by throwing a full sized regulation football at their 10 pins, which are laid out just like in bowling. Throw Nation provides everything you need to take part in this perfect American creation, so bring your friends to experience the fun!